Robb Report: Come Home to Luxury Seaside Living in Barbados

“If you think about your typical dream of a Caribbean island, Barbados has it all and more,” says Dr. Karen Dickens, a homeowner at Port Ferdinand Barbados. “We wanted an island that would offer us everything, and when looking for a holiday home there, we needed to be...

Coastal Living: Anguilla Stronger

THE SWELLS ARE BIG TODAY; the winds, bigger. But on May 30 - Anguilla Day - locals still take to the ocean for their annual around-the-island sailing race that celebrates their homeland's independence from St. Kitts in 1967. In rustic, shallow-draft schooners with...

Shopping for a Luxury Home? Get a (Free) Getaway Along With It

High-end developers of resort-residences are offering likely buyers brief—and sometimes free—mini-vacations in specially designed tents, cabins and cabanas.

Some of the world’s most luxurious resorts are borrowing a pitch from the Costco aisle: They are offering bite-sized samples to shoppers.

Although the Four Seasons Caye Chapel Resort and Residences in Belize doesn’t officially open for three more years, the island property has created four tricked-out beach tents to host mini-getaways for potential buyers…

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